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Denver-Area Market Assessment Report Released at Denver Chambers Today!

Today the Catalyst for Payment Reform released a report on innovative approaches to paying health care providers written in collaboration with the Colorado Business Group on Health and if you missed the strategy session today at the Denver metro Chambers of Commerce, you can still download that report here.  Denver_MA_Report_WebVersion (1).9.12.2019     Read Article

CBGH “Balance Scorecard for Taking Control of Health Spending”

“Balanced Scorecards” have been around since the 1990’s when Drs. Norton and Kaplan from Harvard promoted them as a means of monitoring complex problems by looking for a limited number of “leading indicators” (e.g., indicators of what to expect).   Until that time, the majority of organizations used complex spreadsheets comprised of numerous “lagging indicators” in […] Read Article

The Leapfrog Group 2019 Hospital Survey: Maternity Results & High Risk Surgeries Reports

The Leapfrog Group, an independent national health care watchdog organization has released its 2019 Maternity Care and High-Risk Surgeries Performed at American Hospitals Reports. These reports are based on the results of the 2018 Leapfrog Hospital Survey, with data voluntarily submitted by more than 2000 U.S. 2019 Maternity Care Report This report provides an in-depth look at how participating […] Read Article

Not All Epiphanies are Religious

Epiphany [ee-pif-uh-nee], Noun: A sudden, intuitive perception of, or insight into, the reality or essential meaning of something; experience of a sudden and striking realization.   Largely to listen and learn, I recently sat in on a regional healthcare meeting of community leaders at which two large hospital systems were amply represented – which is […] Read Article

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