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Can Health Insurance Exchanges Bend the Cost Curve?

  On the surface, health insurance exchanges seem like a good idea: an open marketplace where insurers compete with each other to be more efficient and cost-effective in offering standardized products.  After all, that’s the essence of a free market.  Isn’t that exactly what many of us have argued that health care needs? Well, actually […] Read Article

Why Most People Don’t Shop Around For Medical Procedures-The National News Story

We shop around when we get a plane ticket or buy a couch. But we spend thousands of dollars on health care without comparing prices. What happens when you pay patients to choose the cheaper option? October’s CBGH meeting  with cost commission discusses price transparency: hear the national news story today at   Read Article

Slowing Health Costs? Not for Employees.

A terrific chart from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) and Health Research Educational Trust (HRET) shows why, despite the relatively slower 5% per year growth in healthcare care costs over the past five years, consumers aren’t “feeling the love.” As documented in the KFF’s  2015 Employer Health Benefits survey published last week and reported in […] Read Article

“Let’s talk about “New Rules.”

  “Let’s talk about “New Rules.” No, we’re not referencing Bill Maher.  The Commonwealth Fund – a private foundation that aims to promote a high performing health care system that achieves better access, improved quality, and greater efficiency – has posted a blog titled “New Rules to Guide Healthcare Redesign“ citing how many health system leaders say […] Read Article