Employers Embracing Value-Based Care! Read More..

According to a recent article in Modern Healthcare, more and more employers are beginning to understand and support the notion of “value-based” health care by pursuing one or more of three key strategies: Value-based reimbursements.  Rather than relying on traditional fee-for-service payments, more employers want to use new payment models such as bundled payments.

  • Centers of excellence.  WillisTowers Watson reports that 45% of employers are promoting health care providers that have high quality ratings.
  • Differential benefit design.  According to the article, today only about 11% of employers use insurance design to steer employees to the highest quality providers but that nearly 50% expect to do so by 2018.At CBGH, we think these three strategies all go together synergistically.  By negotiating bundled payments with the highest quality providers and then using value-based insurance design to provide incentives to use those facilities, employers can implement meaningful value-based purchasing strategies that will address some of the key drivers of health care costs.

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