Primary Care As, Well, Your Primary Strategy: Should A Worksite Health Clinic Be in Your Future?

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, more than one-third of adults under 65 are pre-diabetic and one-third of those adults will develop Type II diabetes within five years,  But that’s really just the iceberg’s tip.  The Center for Disease Control estimates “eighty-six percent of all health care spending in 2010 was for people with one or more chronic medical conditions.  And, as if that weren’t bad enough, according to the CDC’s report on Worker Productivity

“In fact, indirect costs of poor health including  absenteeismdisability, or reduced work output may be several times higher than direct medical costs.” 

Recognizing the impact on employee health and corporate finances, employers increasingly are looking at whether an on-site or “near-site” clinic would make sense for addressing both minor acute and longer term, chronic conditions.  A December 2015 Modern Healthcare article titled “Company Doctoring: More Employer Offer On-Site Clinics,” cited a Mercer study saying that “nearly 30% of companies with more than 5,000 workers now have on-site or near-site clinics offering some type of primary care, up from 24% in 2013.”

But is an on-site or near site primary care clinic right for your organization?

In order to help you consider that question, as well as the broader question of how to optimize the benefits of primary care, the Colorado Business Group on Health is partnering with the National Association of Worksite Health Clinics to present a program called “Alternative Models for Bringing Health and Wellness to the Worksite.”  The program will include speakers who both provide and employers who utilize on-site clinics as well as examine therole of direct primary care.  Several exhibitors will be available to provide detailed information.

As a non-profit trade organization, NAWHC’s  focus is on assisting public and private employers, unions and other plan sponsors in getting the greatest return from their onsite health centers, onsite pharmacies, worksite fitness and wellness centers. Their mission is “to become the premier source of education, information, networking and resources for employers and others who wish to integrate or develop onsite health facilities into their health care strategy.”

Please join for this special monthly meeting on June 9th at the Lone Tree Arts Center.  For information and registration, go to