Directors Corner | December 2021

Happy Holidays, CBGH Members and Friends…

As you, hopefully, get to slow down a bit for a period of reflection and renewal throughout this  celebratory season, we also hope you can look back at 2021 with satisfaction and a sense of achievement in matters both professional and personal.  It probably was not the year most of us expected it to be – but then, what year ever is?

Throughout the course of 2021 at CBGH we’ve worked diligently and intentionally to do two basic things – both of which are multifaceted and neither of which has been particularly easy.    Combined, these various efforts have been intended to support our members, as both purchasers and users of healthcare, in moving the healthcare marketplace toward greater efficiency and effectiveness on behalf of ALL Coloradans.   While we’ve put great energy into these efforts, we’ve also derived great energy and a good amount of satisfaction from them.  This is work well worth doing.  We’re appreciative of the opportunity to do it as well as your support in doing it.

In all honesty, we’d hoped to achieve more.  We sorely miss working with our colleague Bill Lindsay who retired earlier in the year and who’s intelligence, experience, and insights into healthcare in Colorado are simply irreplaceable.  And COVID, of course, was disruptive – to us, to you, to our provider partners, and to the market we hope, frankly, to change in 2022 through collaboration on each of our parts.   That said, in partnership with our colleagues at the Purchaser Business Group on Health as well as other partners working in the more common interests of Coloradans, over the course of 2022 we intend to build upon and expand upon what we did achieve this past year.  The stage, I believe, is set for transformation on behalf of all who pay for, and access healthcare in our incredible State.

We describe and provide detail about our major efforts in the CBGH 2021 Annual Report.   Click here to check it outWe would welcome any thoughts or feedback you have.

With respect and best wishes for the holidays and all of 2022,