"As an Associate Member and partner of CBGH, CIVHC values the opportunity to support employers in their journey to make health care more affordable and improve the lives of their employees and families. The data we provide to employers and the purchasing alliance is helping drive positive changes in the health care system which will have long-term benefits for the state of Colorado. We’re privileged to support the work of CBGH and their members through actionable information and analytics."
Ana English , President and CEO - CIVHC
"Why Are we Members of CBGH? To change the way we do healthcare. For too long, employers have allowed insurance companies to act as intermediaries in the healthcare purchasing process, which has left us isolated and unaware of what providers (specifically, facilities) are being reimbursed for and whether or not it is fair and reasonable. It is our belief that by partnering with CBGH we can collaborate with other Colorado employers to have a unified voice and purchasing power to negotiate direct pay arrangements with local providers that offer the best quality healthcare at the lowest cost for our community. Specific to Northern Colorado, healthcare costs are on average 150% higher compared to the Denver metro market. As health systems continue to consolidate and there becomes fewer competitors in the marketplace, we can in turn work with other National Business Group on Health networks to identify centers of excellence to steer our health plan members towards, and learn what other employers across the country are doing to address this ever-growing crisis. CBGH is a catalyst for change, and we are excited to be a part of that effort."
Jennifer Whitener, CEBS , Benefits Manager - Larimer County
"Why do we belong to CBGH? 1) Build local relationships with purchasing peers and healthcare stakeholders. 2) Act as a unified voice of purchasers to demand changes in healthcare (power in numbers). 3) Learn best practices from employer leaders. 4) Attend educational monthly meetings on such topics as value-based purchasing (that also includes quality metrics); high performance networks; lifting the hood on PBMs; quality and patient safety transparency; pricing transparency; biomarker testing. 5) Remain abreast of legislative matters impacting healthcare and educate legislators on unintended consequences. 6) Engage stakeholders (e.g., employers/purchasers; health systems/insurers; healthcare providers; physician leaders; and relevant nonprofits) through a relationship of mutual support and accountability to create a plan to transform healthcare in Colorado, with the goal being to achieve the highest quality outcomes at the lowest cost with the most benefit to everyone. 7) Participate in CBGH Annual Forum. "
Jeanne Thrower Aguilar - Boulder Valley School District
"As a member of the Colorado Business Group on Health, we get a unique perspective on the issues faced by employers in Colorado in terms of health care coverage and costs."
Sharna Fetman , Project Manager - ABBVIE
"Being a member of the Colorado Business Group on Health gives me and my organization opportunities to learn what other employer and purchasers are doing to manage their health spend, and to participate in knowledge-sharing not only from within CBGH members, but from other Employer Coalitions from across the country.  Being a part of a coalition also gives employers and purchasers a larger voice – when we speak to health plans and provider groups as an employer coalition this gets far more attention than if we speak alone."
Jessica Linart , Director of Insurance - Colorado PERA
"Our initial reason for joining CBGH was the opportunity to collaborate with other employers, leveraging our purchasing power to help control rising pharmacy costs through improved pricing agreements with the pharmacy benefit managers. The pharmacy savings we have seen over the past 12 years since becoming a member has been tremendous.  I’m positive this would not be the case if we weren’t part of the coalition.  Over the years, I’ve met amazing people who are vested in identifying opportunities and find solutions to improve the value and quality of healthcare for their employees.  It’s great to be part of a group pushing to make changes in the healthcare arena."
Melissa Johnson - Poudre Valley School District