Leap Frog Releases Hospital Safety Score!

Today, Leapfrog released updated data for the Hospital Safety Score, which assigns A, B, C, D and F grades to more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals based on their ability to prevent errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

For the first time since we debuted the Hospital Safety Score, the website will display hospitals’ grades all the way back to the Score’s inception in 2012. This makes it easy for consumers to identify hospitals which consistently achieved high standards and which have improved over time.

A small number of hospitals have received nothing but “A” grades since the Hospital Safety Score launched in June 2012.  These hospitals are denoted with the “Straight A’s” logo in recognition of their achievement of the highest standards of patient safety year after year. We hope all hospitals will strive to offer this level of dependable care.


Choose a safer hospital today.