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Directors Corner | February 2021 | MARKET-BASED HEALTH CARE REFORM – Four Observations. Three Conclusions. One solution.

Out of the thick dust cloud caused by Haven Healthcare’s recent implosion, a key question about US healthcare once again rises: Can free market principles create greater value for patients and purchasers? Can our adored “free market” approach make healthcare more reliable? More affordable? Or will it continue to “foster inefficiency and “erode quality?” Read Article

RAND has released its “Nationwide Evaluation of Health Care Prices Paid by Private Health Plans Findings from Round 3 of an Employer-Led Transparency Initiative” Report

At the RAND web site you can find a full report or Click here for the report, an interactive map, and a downloadable Excel file with the entire database for all of the 46 States that are included in this year’s analysis of 3,000 US Medicare-certified short-stay hospitals for which they had sufficient data (e.g., 50 or more inpatient claims […] Read Article

Spring 2020 Hospital Safety Grades Have Been Released

A total of 40 Colorado hospitals received grades. “A” represents the best Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, followed in order by “B,” “C,” “D,” and “F. 16 Colorado hospitals received an “A” grade, 9 hospitals received a “B” grade, 13 hospitals received a “C” grade, 2 hospitals received a “D” grade a no hospitals in Colorado received an “F” grade. Read Article