State of Colorado Joins CBGH on February 16th, 2018!

The Colorado Business Group on Health (CBGH) is pleased to announce that the State of Colorado has joined CBGH as a purchaser member.

As a non-profit, multi-stakeholder coalition led by Colorado-based employers seeking to improve healthcare quality and cost trends, CBGH has provided market research and summaries as well as strategies and tools that support value-based healthcare purchasing and contracting since 1996.

“Health care represents both a major economic development challenge and opportunity for Colorado and for its employer community,” noted Markie Davis, Director of Benefits and Risk Management for the State.  “We’re joining CBGH because we want to work with other employers and be part of a State-wide effort addressing healthcare value. Through our membership, we want to work with other employers to identify and implement strategies to offer state employees the best health outcomes possible at the best price available.”

In becoming a member of CBGH, the State joins the City of Colorado Springs, the US Olympic Committee, several of the Front Range’s larger school districts, Colorado PERA, Compassion International, and other large purchasers of health care who are committed to the notion employers can address health care costs by sharing ideas, using common approaches, and emphasizing transparency.  “We’re particularly interested in working with both the public and private sectors to make certain Colorado has a vibrant healthcare marketplace,” said Markie.  “Transparency will be a key component of that.  Without relevant quality and pricing information, markets can’t properly function.”

“We’re particularly pleased that the State is joining us in 2018 as we renew our efforts to work collaboratively with employers, health plans, and consultants in engaging health systems and other providers,” said Bob Smith, Executive Director of CBGH.

“The opportunity to improve the value proposition in health care is enormous,” said Smith, “but that opportunity can only be realized if employers proactively purchase health care just as they do other goods and service, rather than simply pay for it without understanding the quality or benchmarking the price.”

Robert J. Smith, Executive Director
Colorado Business Group on Health